Deform object by a path in Lightwave 6.0
The autor: Sergey Osnovin
   The deformation of objects on a path always was a problem for Lightwave. Certainly, any problem is soluble. Cause it is possible to recollect a method morphing of object on a path laid from bones of the given object. But this method has a number of significant lacks. First: it is rather labour-consuming. Secondly - the mobility is lost, - that is animator should know beforehand, which will be a trajectory. And operatively something to change it happens is problematic. This method allows by adjusting once sets of object, in below to subsequent to be engaged only in its movement. The deformations will be realized, switching in itself the movement, and also scaling and twisting is direct. It has become possible that in LightWave 6.0 we can parent bones of one object to other objects. So, we shall begin:
For the beginning we shall create object. It will be something such as a tape... You can create that want, but can load and available object. Let's name it of Tape.lwo

Here, perhaps, and all it Modeler. We can pass in Layout. Make sure, that have kept object as metanurbs. 
Let's load our model in Layout and we shall place the key staff. Let it will be direct movement, Scaling on any axis and revolution Bank. 

Let's proceed in Objects (O) > Item Properties (p).
Let's establish Subdivision Orders in "After Bones" 

Begins main further. Let's add in scene Null object. In Motion Options for Null, we shall add Modifier LW _ Follower. By double click we shall enter its setups. In a field Item to follow we shall choose our object Tape.lwo, we shall include a tag Align to Path. Other setups while we shall leave without changes. 

Let's close Follower and we shall add some null objects by a way Clone Current Item. In our case will be of the 3 additional Nulls enough. 
Length of our object - ~ 2.5m. Let's determine on what frame of animation object will pass 2.5m. About the 19-th staff. It is 0.76 seconds(25fps). We divide this number on 4 (at us 4 Null objects). We receive 0.19. (25fps) Now in a field Time Delay of Follower everyone Null-object is entered meanings under the formula: -n*0.19 where n - number Null-object. For example: For object Null (3) these meanings will be equal -3*0.19 = -0.57 Negative Numbers designates not a delay (Time Delay), but the advancing, - that is required to us and. Something will turn out in this spirit: 

If you play animation , will notice, that the chain repeats Null-object a way, on which Tape.lwo is gone. 
Now it is time to add Bones... On a side view is feasible operation Draw Bones And we shall draw Bone from 1-st up to 2-nd Null-object. Now that most from 2-nd up to 3-rd, from 3-rd up to 4-th and from 4-th up to the end of object Tape. It should turn out so: 

On turn we make active Bones (r). In Motion Options (m) in a field Parent Item by everyone bone is nominated parent Null, appropriate to number of bone. That is for Bone (1) - Null (1) etc. 
Here, that at us it has turned out. 

Now it is necessary reste of coordinate of a position bones in a field of digital input of coordinates (n). 
Then in Item Properties for bones to establish Fallof Type Inverse Distance ^ 16. 
In Graph Editor for object Tape to establish meanings Pre Behavior and Post Behavior of channels Position in Linear (It that in the beginning and in the end of animation bones not jitter object). 
That's all. Now we can quietly continue to animate object Tape.lwo by forgetting about Nulls and Bones. They can even be hidden in Scene Editor. For a lazy ready stage P _ Def.lws

If you had questions and offers on the given theme, I with pleasure shall react to them through mine of E-mail: osn

Good Luck!